Thursday, 31 March 2016

Attributes That Make Good Marathon Shirts The Best

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Marathon is one of those physical and mental challenges that have awed the global population at large. Besides grit, grime and perspiration, this near extreme sport is also known for embracing venerable causes reflection of which is often found in the t shirts and shorts adorned by the runners. Through decades, sports clothing manufacturers have been devoting years of their time to design options that will not just be inspirational but performance enhancing too. It has only been a couple of years when options that are better than the best was made available to enthusiasts at large. Things only have been getting better since then.

Flipping through the extensive catalogues of marathon clothing distributors today, one is sure to discover the absence of anything cotton based for obvious disadvantages. The focus seems to be more on technical fabric that basically is a mixture of synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, lycra etc. The combination usually determines the aspect of breathability, moisture wicking and quick drying attributes that are finally experienced in the marathon shirts. Different providers use different mixtures in their collections which again spells different levels of compatibility with the ultimate wearers.

Striking the right combination makes one brand of marathon shirt better than the others. However, creating the best marathon shirt takes a little more than putting thoughtful pieces of fabric together. As has been observed, it is more of a rule than exception to have marathon clothing full of prints in the form of writing or images etc. The application of prints on the best of fabrics also goes a very long way in determining the performance of the same.

At present, sublimation prints are trending over the conventional cakey ones that often block breathability of the shirts. So, it can be said that the best of technical fabrics along with the right types of prints often contributes to elevating the quality of the latter.

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