Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Buying Sublimation Shirts – 4 Types of Fabrics they are Made Of

The process of sublimation printing is fairly new, and utilizes a heat-sensitive dye on fabrics in order to print vibrant graphics. This type of dissolved in a specific liquid and is transferred onto fabrics with the aid of heat press for printing lively text and graphics. Sublimation shirts are quite popular among teens and grown-ups. You can easily make brisk sales and earn good revenues with the sales of sublimated shirts from your newly set up apparel store. Find out about the 4 primary types of fabrics that are used in the construction of sublimated shirts Australia
sublimation printing on shirts

Polyester Poplin
This type of fabric can drape the body in a nice and comfortable way. It is easy to care for these fabrics, as they do not lose their luster even after being washed repeatedly. Many wholesale workout shirts are constructed out of this kind of fabric due to this reason. China shirts manufacturers love this fabric and you can easily buy wholesale sports shirts from them, made of Polyester Poplin. 

As the name indicates, such kind of fabric comes with an amazing shine – which is one of the main reasons of its popularity. The fabric has a fine ribbed texture and can be stretched easily. It is also highly durable in form, and can last for a long time. Wearers who are frustrated with their shirts tearing easily love to put on apparels made of this kind of fabric. Many private label sweatshirts are made of dazzle, and many wholesale men’s flannel shirts customers love to purchase these shirts online

Mock mesh
This is a polyester fabric which is able to wick moisture away readily and can get dried within a very short time. This is an extremely light fabric which can be stretched easily and is also breathable in form. This makes it ideal to use for the manufacturing of fitness shirts wholesale, and many consumers love to buy these men’s shirts online.

Milliken Poly
This is a suede micro-fiber fabric which gives a soft feel to the skin, and is loved by women. Dense weaving is involved in the sublimation printing on shirts with this type of material, which makes it long-lasting enough and also sufficiently strong to withstand everyday wear and tear. It offers a plush look to outfits, and is used in the production of many funny marathon shirts. Many buyers love to get these customized and although you can design your own shirts online cheap, it is better to look for a wholesaler supplier with scope for customization. You can easily outsource order of customers who love to buy custom shirts in bulk.