Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Joining Hands With PPAI Is Beneficial For Promotional Clothing Suppliers

The advertising and marketing industry is experiencing major changes and a lot of businesses are adopting the on-trend promotional products marketing strategy along with traditional advertising techniques to reach out to the potential customers. To make it easier for the business owners to locate reliable and prominent manufacturers and suppliers of promotional clothing and accessories, The Promotional Product Association International Company (PPAI) was established. It only offers memberships to various manufacturers across the US after they have met certain criteria and requirements and hence, business owners in need of bulk products can be rest assured when dealing with any one of the PPAI companies

ppai companies

Why Associate with PPAI?

The main reason why manufacturers and wholesalers yearn to become of the ppai suppliers is because this association is going to provide them with a platform to showcase their goods and services. The exposure that a promotional clothing manufacturer gets by becoming one of the prestigious members of PPAI is unlike any other. This association fetches them trust and loyalty from bulk buyers and the opportunity to become one of the global apparel brands. 

What Can be Expected from the Members?

All PPAI members are bound by a strict code of conduct and they have to maintain highest standards of quality, at all times. Its members are some of the leading names in the apparel industry that boosts promotional marketing through its outstanding custom options. No matter what the business owner needs, its products and services can be tailored according to the specific requirements of bulk buyers. From fashion to fitness and sports clothing and accessories, you name it. Business owners can also expect to get premium quality bulk products at wholesale rates!

Small to large business giants interested in incorporating promotional products as a part of their marketing mix, can get in touch with any of the PPAI distributors and satiate their bulk requirements of personalized clothing and accessories.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Why OEM Apparels Can Be the Smart Choice for You

Fashion and technology walks hand in hand with each bringing about constant innovation. This has led to the upsurge of OEM apparel or Organic Equipment Manufacturer clothing. Now every retailer or entrepreneur or sports team owner wants to expand themselves with different types of clothes and apparels that can take their business to the height of excellence. However, since the competition in this industry is too high, it is sometimes not possible for the retailers or team owners to come up with distinctive designs. As a solution, many wholesale manufacturers are now offering OEM clothes that will only cater to the preferences of these retailers or team owners. However, if you are still in doubt about its advantages, you can go through the following points.
oem clothing manufacturing
 If you do not have much time or an efficient team of designers, what you can do is meet an oem clothing manufacturer and trust their expertise. They will ensure that you get your product in latest trends and designs. As a result, this will take a lot of burden off your shoulders.

Once you approach a reputed oem clothing supplier, you do not have to think much about the right material. However, do ensure that the manufacturer serves only supreme quality material. For that you can check out the customer reviews in the sites of your wholesalers or contact them personally.

In this era of online marketing you will easily find an oem clothing manufacturing hub that will help you place your order in bulk which in turn will save a lot of your money. But before you buy anything, do not forget to take a closer look at their hidden terms and conditions, including costs and their commitment towards quality. 

Monday, 9 November 2015

4 Men’s Fall Winter Trends Not To Be Unnoticed

Yes; Fall Winter Runaway Season is here, but why should girls have all the fun now? Forget the cliches, and let the guys enjoy the supreme fall winter fashion trends to the fullest.

If you are not really a follower of current fashion trends yet want to be among the league, here’s a little know how of what’s in and what not this season is. Simply read on and experience a changed you in no time—

And, You Thought Fur Is Only For Ladies? If yes, change your notion, and get one for yourself immediately for it is the “it” thing this season. Get fur coats—long and short, overcoats and trench coats. And, if you are unsure of sporting these to perfection, get a simple leather coat with fur trimmings, and be the star! Check them out at the fashion clothing distributors now!

fashion clothing distributors

Flares and Graphics: Rocking the runaway this season is the 70s trend of flares and graphics! Put on a lovely pair of flared trouser in bold color, and team a lovely graphic tee in neutral colors—so vintage and so smart! However, while rocking the look, try to be subtle and not OTT. Men’s Fashion Wholesalers can be checked out for the perfect prints.

Because Androgyny is the Flavor of the Season: If women can sport this lovely look, why can’t you? Blur all the segregation between men’s and women’s wear, and settle for wide legged pants and ruffle necked Victorian shirts in neutral and pastels, and look million dollars always.

Burgundy and Grey: If you are particular about the colors to wear, all over grey is simply rocking this season. However, if you are bold enough to be different, let burgundy be your color! An intricately designed burgundy jacket can never go wrong says the most famous men’s clothing manufacturers