Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Rookie Mistakes of Private Label Clothing Industry

Private label clothing is booming, with the global valuation in hundred of billion US dollars. And this is why the aspiring entrepreneurs are jumping ships and starting their own private label clothing lineups. But often their inexperience in this industry get the best of them and they commit some rather silly and rookie mistakes. One of their biggest mistakes is not purchasing from well known and reputed private label apparel manufacturers.

Not purchasing from a good manufacturer is a sin

One cannot even contemplate just how significant role a good private label clothing manufacturers play in the success of small businesses. They understand the needs and requirements of new businesses, their limitations and their vision; and accordingly they help. Beside they are very much aware of the latest trend in the fashion world that could be very helpful in the decision making of every new business owner. 
Here are three scenarios where acquainting a good private label clothing suppliers will pay you off well-

  •  You have no idea how clothing business works.
  •  You don’t want to take much risk. (many offer shipping insurance)
  •   You are short on capital. (they offer drop-shipping service)

There are few rather minor and avoidable mistakes that the rookies in this industry commit; and that, at the end, steer their business to failure. Here are some of the most common to give you the heads up so you don’t make the same mistakes-

How not to venture in this industry?

  •  Not doing a thorough market research- by yourself or outsourcing the professionals.
  • Not bulking up the high quality wholesale private label clothing- and trading it off with the cheap ones.
  •  Underestimating your expenditure.
  • Overestimating the number of customers.
  •  Having that ‘everything’ mentality, where you want to have your private label yoga pants as well as the tuxes, trousers and ties. (You need to begin with one niche, like private label fitness apparel and then expand later on.)
  •   Trying to target global market and not the local market from the get-go. 
Don’t make the above mentioned mistakes that nearly every newbie in this industry make and you’re good to go.

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