Tuesday, 16 December 2014

3 “It” Colors Of The Season—Fall 2014

Fashion changes with the blink of an eye. If you’re a true fashion addict, you’d definitely be well aware of the situation. However, does that or can that ever mean you’d simply give up on the ever changing fashion trends and simply wear whatever comes your way. Absolutely no! And, if you still want to wear those that are not so en vogue this year, you can very well do so by staying attuned to the color trends of the season. These color trends keep you in fashion and well updated without having to think about being labeled as a “cliché”. 

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If you’re unaware of the colors that have made it to the runaway trends this year, here’s a little list on that—

1. Brights
Shed off your mundane mood this season, and go for bright colors! They are instant mood lifters too! Go for tangerine, blood orange and fuchsia if you’re bold, otherwise, good ol’ lime and cobalt just do the trick too. You may choose your colors from any reputed clothing suppliers around!As an online shopping lover, you can buy trendy dresses online at great prices.

2. Jewel Hues
Sprinkle sparkle on your typical “evening wears” with metallic or jewel toned colors. Cranberry, teal, deep emerald or even wine and crimson colors may do the trick for you. However, choose the color from reputed clothing manufacturers for these metallic tones and hues are a bit tricky to choose and say whether they’ll remain alike for seasons to come.

3. Nudes or Neutral Tones
You can never go out of fashion or wrong with nudes. They are timeless classics and your wardrobe will simply be “nothing” without them. And, since tailoring matters a lot as far as nude or neutral colored apparels are concerned, you better choose your dress from a great clothing label manufacturer. And, if you want to cut on the cost—since with nudes, you may have to shell out some bucks—look out for those clothing wholesale manufacturers  around.

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