Monday, 15 September 2014

A Short List Of Few Must-Have Winter Coats For Women

The wind has started getting crisper, hasn't it? Now, every time you  turn the corner of your neighborhood, the leaves seem a little redder and the morning walks are now more comfortable with a hoodie on. Autumn is almost here and winter is not far behind either. It is time for you to pack up those tank tops and brush the mothballs off the sweaters. This winter, though, let's try something different to battle the coats. The trend of sweaters is still very much in place but coats are the craze now. So, take some time to give the latest coat trends a swift once over and sort out which one to buy and which one to pass up on.

ladies coats

Duffel Coat:
You just cannot talk about ladies'  coats and keep the duffel coat off the list. It is the basically the LBD of winter wear. At least it is an essential for those girls who do not want to let go of their childhood fashion go that easily. It has got the cuddly bear cuteness complimented by the teenage snark. If you are the rock-chic type, this coat is not to be missed; but it is not very suitable for those who want to promote their image as the cool, composed sophisticated career woman. The cute hood and multiple pockets style is just too good to pass up.

Pea Coat:

A must have item for those ladies who like that uptight British look even while they are heading to the supermarket! However on a serious note, this coat looks amazing when paired with a pair of jeans, a pretty dress or even miniskirts. The recent spins on this classic design of women's coat with wide belts, bow belts, ruffled hem and skirt-like cuts have revived the popularity of this under appreciated garment. Pick a few in bright colors when you are buying women's coat online and make heads turn wherever you go.

There is not much to be said about Mac other that the fact that it is like the lingerie in the line of winter coats for women. There is not much functionality and on the coldest days of winter, you will probably end up freezing yourself, but it will make you look incredibly hot nonetheless.

Your winter wardrobe is not complete if you have not bought a parka yet. Once, it used to be considered as the symbol of the pop culture and has since been included in the long line of women's outerwear as a stylish, and often moody, take on jackets and sweaters. Get a fur trimmed one today and strut the frozen streets in style.

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