Monday, 24 March 2014

A Guide to Women’s Fitness Clothing

How many times has it been that you went for a workout feeling all lethargic and dreary? You almost had to drag yourself by reminding yourself of the bomb you pay monthly/yearly as your gym membership fee? Does the thought of a sweaty, drippy you turn you off from working out? Then the reason can be that you’re not wearing the right fitness clothing women should wear. Fitness clothing plays a very important role and can affect how you feel during and after your workout.

Ideally, women’s fitness clothing should keep your body cool, clean, dry and comfortable. So, one should always choose fabrics that are sold under names like Cooledge, Coolmax, DriFit or Supplex since they absorb moisture and doesn’t cause chaffing. Cotton fabrics block sweat from evaporating thus causing your body to be wet, hot and uncomfortable and plastic and rubber clothing do not let your skin breathe. So, always stay away from these.

We agree that loose clothing are extremely comfortable but women’s running clothes should be form fitted to avoid hindrances while working out. Also, when running outdoors in hot weather, dress up in cool, comfortable clothing to allow ease of movement.

Running clothing for women is available in many colors and styles. Always pick up bright, vivid colors to help energize and pep up your mood to motivate you to workout. Colors have a soothing effect on our minds thus keeping us calm and composed too. So, make sure to buy clothes that look good on you. After all, we all want people to admire that well-toned body you’ve worked so hard on and also make jaws drop and heads turn at the sight of you!
Always keep up the feel-good factor and as Jess C. Scott puts it, “A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement.”


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